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Medical Massage Therapy

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Many clients ask for a deep tissue massage because they are stiff or sore. They also experience painful knots, kinks in their muscles and nerve compressions/restrictions. Deep tissue massage is very popular among athletes and those involved in strenuous physical activity, whether for business or pleasure, and it does indeed have benefits that reach beyond the typical Swedish massage.

A deep tissue massage focuses on the tissues that lie deeper within the body. Although some of the same techniques may be used in deep tissue that are used in Swedish Massage, the focus of the session is different. Deep tissue massage tries to eliminate trigger points and knots that may be deep within the tissues and difficult to reach. It is a frequent component of sports massage and, like sports massage, isn’t intended for relaxation but for therapy. Left untreated, the knots, restrictions and trigger points in the muscles and other tissues can deteriorate into more serious medical issues, so deep tissue work or a sports massage can prevent further damage.


Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

The benefits of deep tissue massage far outweigh any momentary discomfort caused by the session. When trigger points and restrictions are left untreated, they can adversely affect many other parts of the body, depending on the location of the issue. Trigger points in other areas can be extremely painful and can limit muscle function in the affected tissue as well as those muscles that surround it. They can also cause additional restrictions as the body tries to compensate for the damaged area. A deep tissue massage can eliminate issues such as this and prevent future injury. Regular sessions have been proven to reduce or eliminate chronic pain, increase flexibility, increase circulation, improve quality of sleep, promote relaxation, reduce tension and eliminate tension.


Pain & Discomfort Of Deep Tissue Massage

The best way to consistently eliminate pain and discomfort is to have regularly scheduled deep tissue massage sessions. Regular massage therapy sessions keep the body in good form and free of knots, trigger points and restrictions that can build up over time. They also help keep the cardiovascular system and the lymphatic system functioning efficiently, so metabolic wastes are eliminated and not allowed to accumulate in the tissues. Pressure is tailored specifically to each patient’s needs. It can easily be adjusted for deeper work, or reduced to less pressure at any time. Those clients who haven’t had a massage in a while and want a deep tissue session may experience some stiffness and soreness following the session. However, a deep tissue massage shouldn’t cause pain, there should absolutely be no bruising and any residual discomfort shouldn’t last beyond two to three days maximum.


Extensive Deep Tissue Massage Training  

We have studied and received specialized training in medical massage and deep tissue massage therapy. We are also experts in Myofascial Release, a similar but different style of deep tissue massage. Our training and expertise goes far beyond any other massage therapist in Rochester, NY. We specialize in pain relief and athlete performance, two of the best benefits of deep tissue massage. This means you will receive not only the best deep tissue massage in Rochester, NY, but the best massage therapy experience you can have. Our training and experience gives our patients maximum effectiveness. We often hear they did not come close to achieving the effectiveness we provide when trying out multiple other massage therapists in our city. Schedule your session today and start your path to not only getting well, but being well.


Sports Massage in Rochester, NY

Sports Massage For Pain Relief & Performance

Most people think sports massage therapy can only benefit professional athletes, but this is not true. This type of massage is perfect for any type of athlete. Whether you are just working on your physical fitness in the gym a few days a week or are a competitive athlete of any level and sport, sports massage therapy can help and benefit you tremendously. We offer in office sessions, as well as pre-event and post-event sessions.

Sports massage can help you get over a current injury faster or reduce/eliminate a limitation you are experiencing. Some of the most common ailments we can help with are: chronic pain, tendonitis, knee pain, neck pain, low back pain, shoulder dysfunction, hip dysfunction, lack of flexibility and decreased range of motion. One of the top benefits people see is an increase in their overall performance on the field or in the gym. Regular appointments of sports massage therapy have also been proven to prevent future injury, lower/eliminate pain, speed up recovery time, increase range of motion, decrease muscle tension/stiffness, lower fatigue, improve endurance and enhance overall body awareness.

We offer a unique blend of techniques that you cannot find anywhere else for sports massage therapy in Rochester, NY. We incorporate myofascial release, deep tissue massage therapy and active isolated stretching, along with the rhythmic faster pace hands on techniques of sports massage. This unique blend is tailored specifically for each individual and this will give you the most effective results possible, also boosting your body performance overall.