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Sports Massage in Rochester, NY

Sports Massage For Pain Relief & Performance

Most people think sports massage therapy can only benefit professional athletes, but this is not true. This type of massage is perfect for any type of athlete. Whether you are just working on your physical fitness in the gym a few days a week or are a competitive athlete of any level and sport, sports massage therapy can help and benefit you tremendously. We offer in office sessions, as well as pre-event and post-event sessions.

Sports massage can help you get over a current injury faster or reduce/eliminate a limitation you are experiencing. Some of the most common ailments we can help with are: chronic pain, tendonitis, knee pain, neck pain, low back pain, shoulder dysfunction, hip dysfunction, lack of flexibility and decreased range of motion. One of the top benefits people see is an increase in their overall performance on the field or in the gym. Regular appointments of sports massage therapy have also been proven to prevent future injury, lower/eliminate pain, speed up recovery time, increase range of motion, decrease muscle tension/stiffness, lower fatigue, improve endurance and enhance overall body awareness.

We offer a unique blend of techniques that you cannot find anywhere else for sports massage therapy in Rochester, NY. We incorporate myofascial release, deep tissue massage therapy and active isolated stretching, along with the rhythmic faster pace hands on techniques of sports massage. This unique blend is tailored specifically for each individual and this will give you the most effective results possible, also boosting your body performance overall.