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Corporate Massage Therapy

Chair Massage & Employee Wellness Packages

We work with many companies looking to enhance the wellness of their employees. Whether you are a human resources manager for a large corporation, or the owner of a small business, massage therapy can be one of the best wellness options you can make for your staff. Some of the proven benefits of massage therapy for employees include: increased office morale; increased focus, alertness, and energy levels; reduced healthcare costs; physical and mental relaxation; better sleep quality.

We offer corporate chair massage therapy upon request. If you are looking to bring in on-site chair massage for your team, we can provide as many massage therapists as needed. Looking to take wellness to the next step? We offer corporate wellness packages to provide your employees with scheduled massage sessions at our office. Join our other customers and provide your employees with health and well being.

Please call 585.347.5121 with any and all inquiries.