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Mobile Massage Rochester, NY

As trained massage therapists we offer therapeutic massage consisting of medical, sports or traditional style massage techniques. We can also blend all three styles into one perfectly designed session. You can request a therapeutic massage (moderate pressure) or a deep tissue massage.

These are specifically tailored sessions with focused and targeted techniques for overall health and well being improvement.

Regular therapeutic massage has been proven to increase circulation, lower blood pressure, reduce depression and lower pain symptoms. Schedule your massage today!

Therapeutic Massage FAQs

Massage therapy reduces or eliminates pain, allows for better range of motion, better posture, reduced fatigue, promotes relaxation, reduces stress/anxiety, lowered depression, increased mood, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, improves sleep quality and increases lymphatic drainage.

To perform these sessions, we will have you undress to your comfort level, the less clothing makes it easier for the therapist to work. You will be fully draped under a sheet and blanket in accordance with New York State law at all times.

This can depend on a multitude of factors. Longer sessions allow the ability to get deeper, as well as more time to provide more work throughout the body. Shorter sessions can still be therapeutic. We recommend, and most patients schedule, a 50 or 80 minute session.

This depends on how often you are stressed and if you suffer from aches and pains. We will give you a determination at the completion of your first session based upon our assessment and what we found. Those seeking stress relief and relaxation massage come at least once a month, and in most cases twice monthly.

New York State does not require insurance companies to cover massage. If your insurance plan
has an FSA or HAS spending account, you can use those dollars towards our sessions. We accept cash, credit care, CareCredit and checks(not accepted for first time patients). We offer a 20% discount on packages of multiple massages for our 50 minute or 80 minute sessions.